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Course Content

12 Steps – 12 lectures – 1h 10m total length

1. Google AdWords for your business
2. How Google AdWords Works
3. Example of Ads that we are creating
4. Setting up your AdWords Account
5. Exploring the AdWords Interface
6. Discovering the best keywords
7. Creating a Google AdWords Search
8. Selecting your Audience

9. Choosing your Bid settings for Google
10. Creating an Ad group and Adding
11. Finalizing your Google AdWords Ad
12. Managing your Google Ads Campaigns and Analytics
13. Creating a YouTube Ad with Google AdWords
14. Your Final Project

About Google Ads Works

Google Ads is the brand of Google’s digital advertising platform. Where You Can Create Online Ads Using Google Ads to Potential Audiences at Exact Moment When They’re Looking for Google and Services You Provide or Your Company To A Very High Level.

In General, Google Ads are used to advertise physical and digital products to increase sales, or even services you provide on the internet to attract a huge target audience to your online business. Google Advertising is designed to be used for anything that advances business.

Benefits of Google Ads

How Masterclass Ads Works

The purpose of this course is to teach you how to set up your personal Google Ads so that they convert perfectly for the success of your business. It will also show you how to leverage your Google Ads skills to generate revenue for your own venture.

Every service or product that a business builder provides or sells online is 90% competitive, which means that many other people are also selling the same thing online even if you are providing the least competitive good or service.

How Can You Be at the Top Most of Business You Are Offering? That is what our Key learning MASTERCLASS ADS are all about—teaching you, enabling you to use the best tools available to you, advising you on how to reach any audience you want, and encouraging them to make a purchase from you.

Utilizing Google Adwords To Reach A Specific Audience Is The Best Method And Plan.

Do you want a course, that shows you exactly what needs to be done to earn from the platforms Fiverr, Upwork, PeoplePerHour, and Agency?​

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